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*7+ Year Old (DOB 1/1/15) 

Spay Female

*Tan Yorkshire Terrier mix

My name is Pixie nd I am a very tiny little 3 pound Yorkshire Terrier (possible mix).  I came into rescue on 1/29/22 with my friends Izzy Bee and Roxy, after our owner passed away.  I am currently in a foster home in Aurora, Colorado.  I was seen  by the veterinarian on 1/31/22, due to some concerns about a severe infection around my mouth.  After many months of antibiotic treatments, mouth cultures and consultation with Colorado State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital, I have finally been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease called CUPS.  The only way to completely get rid of the infection in my mouth is full mouth extractions.  In September 2022, I had my first surgery in which they removed all of the teeth on the right side of my mouth with the exception of my canines due to risk of my jaw breaking.  In October I had the second surgery to remove the teeth on the left side of my mouth.  I did really well with both surgeries, however because I still had 3 canines the infection came back.  On 11/29/22, I was seen at CSU, at which time they explained the only way to permanently resolve the infection is to remove my remaining 3 teeth.  On 12/14/22, I had my final surgery at which time they removed my remaining 3 teeth.  On 1/12/23, I went back to CSU for a follow up and there is no sign of infection and I have recovered well from the surgery.  My foster mom has spent a great deal of time and dedication caring for me through all of the surgeries and treatments and has decided that I make a great addition to her family.  It took me a while to become comfortable in my foster home and I have been through so much that my foster mom loves me and doesn't want me to go through any more changes.  My adoption will become final after my last check up in February.

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