Little One - Adopted

*2+ Year Old  

Spay Female

*Black & White Japanese Chin

My name is Little One (formerly Koki) and I have had a pretty tragic beginning in life.  I ended up in a shelter in Texas after being found as a stray on 4/23/20.  After being in a foster home it was pretty apparent that I had no bowel control.  The reason for this is that someone non surgically amputated my tail.  I have no tail at all and when this was done the nerves were severely damaged.   On 5/12/20 I was on my way to Colorado to be taken in by CJCR.   On 5/21/20, I was seen by a veterinary neurologist who explained that there was nothing that could be done to help me regain my bowel control.  After going to CJCR's regular veterinarian, they started me on a medication which has helped with regular bowel movements and my foster mom has be on a quality diet feeding schedule as well as a regular potty schedule.  I have done very well.  I was adopted out to a lady who understood my needs and was willing to give me a forever home.  On 11/9/20, I was returned to the rescue.  I am a very sweet little one who weighs just 7 pounds.  I am special needs and am looking for a home who understands that I may have accidents but as long as I am on a regular schedule with feeding and potty these incidents are rare.  I get along fine with other dogs but would be happy as an only dog as well.  I am shy initially but once I have bonded I am a very affectionate and loving companion.  Little One needs a lifetime comittment.  People have been cruel and disappointing in her life and we are only interested in adopting her to someone who truly understands that she needs a loving and caring family.

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