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*8+ Year Old (DOB 1/25/15) 

Spay Female

*Black & Tan Yorkshire Terrier

My name is Glori nd I am a 7 pound, spay female black & tan Yorkshire Terrier.   I came into rescue on 1/27/23 with 5 additional dogs who were rescued from commercial breeders.  When I arrived in rescue I was extremely frightened and very skittish.  I am doing well in my foster home, but am still very nervous about all the changes.  I haven't shown any sign of aggression even though I am pretty scared.  I had my health check up on 1/31/23 at which time I was diagnosed with bilateral luxating patellas as well as some heart enlargement, however no murmur was detected.  My bloodwork came back perfect and everything else looked good.  I take a very small dose of Pimobendin twice a day for my enlarged heart.  On 2/14/23, I was spay and had a dental at which time I only lost 1 tooth which is amazing since I have obviously had quite a few litters of puppies.  I also did not have any mammary tumors which is quite common in breeding dogs.  I have done pretty well on house training but will still need quite a bit of work in this area.  I love to be outside and running in the yard.  I do the cutest little summersaults at the end of my runs and love to roll around in the grass on my back.  My foster dad holds me on his lap every day on the couch in order for me to get used to humans being nice to me.  I am actually starting to really relax when being handled and held.  I have never been on a leash and am getting practice in my foster homes securely fenced yard.  I am looking for a forever home in which I have a securely fenced yard to play in as well another small canine companion.  I would love an adult home or a home with calm children.  I would also like to find a family who is familair with the life of a puppy mill survivor.  

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