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Gracie - Bonded pair with Ginger

*6+ Year Old (DOB 9/15/16) 

Spay Female

*Lemon & White Japanese Chin/ShihTzu mix


My name is Gracie and I am a very shy little female who is very timid and has extreme anxiety with new people.  I am working on being brave but really need to be in a calm and quiet household with no children.   I was released from a breeder who is having some health issues and entrusted CJCR to find wonderful homes for some of her dogs.  I do really well in my foster home, however it took me a while to trust my foster parents.  I have annual health check ups and will be getting my second dental in a few weeks.  I do have one leg with a luxating patella, however so far it is not giving me any trouble.  My blood work came back perfect as did my chest x-rays.  Even though Ginger and I do well in our foster home it is not the ideal situation for us since there are lot's of people coming and going as well as new dog's.  This all makes me very nervous.  Ginger and I should be the only dog's in the home.  I know we have a lot of requirements but once I trust and bond with my person I am a very affectionate and loving companion.  Because I am so fearful of the outside world walking on a leash has been extremely difficult for me.  I do require a secure fenced yard.

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