Mickey - Adopted 9/30/15

Mickey came into rescue on 5/10/14, after being picked up as a stray in Oklahoma.  When Mickey arrived he was crippled from severe bilateral luxating patellas.  On 6/10/14, Mickey had his first Orthopedic surgery to correct his patellas.  By August it was apparent that Mickey had additional problems with pain.  His knees healed great, but due to the severity of his patellas, his hips had pulled away and he was filling with arthritis.  On 3/9/15, Mickey had his second orthopedic surgery having bilateral FHO.  After months of rehabilitation Mickey was a happy and pain free 2 1/2 year old.  Mickey found his forever home living with Kathy & Josh on an Alpaca Farm in Colorado.  Mickey is thriving and loves his new family as much as they love him.  Mickey had a tough start to life but is now a treasured companion and is living a happy and pain free life.

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