Once upon a time there was a family. They had four children, two parents, and two dogs. The family loved dogs. On weekends, they helped the collie rescue group and went to lot and lots of events where they met lots and lots of people and lots and lots of dogs. One bright summer day, they brought their collie to an event called Brown Dog, a wonderful event where people could see lots of rescue dogs looking for forever homes. The collie rescue booth was right next to a booth that had tiny, fluffy, adorable dogs called Japanese Chins. They were all really cute, but one little dog locked eyes with two of the children and fell head over heels in love. Over the course of the day the little dog followed the children back and forth in his pen. The kids petted him, cuddled him, and fed him treats. The feeling was becoming very mutual. That is when the whining and begging began! The children begged the Mommy to adopt the little Chin, but the Mommy and Daddy were practical people.... They had two dogs... And four kids! They didn't really need another dog.... Did they? There was no arguing that this little dog was the cutest dog EVER and that he was as infatuated with them as they were with him..... Two weeks later the little dog came home with the family.... His forever family.... and got a new name to start his new life, Bambui! Bambui is now an adored member of the Wolfer family and accompanies them everywhere they go, whether it is hiking in the mountains or shopping at Nordstrom, Bambui is always by their side. I guess they really did need one more dog. :) The Wolfer Family includes Jonathan, Karen, Ryan, Brianna, Josh, Aedyn, Violet (the Jack Russell), Sullivan the Collie, and Bambui, (the most spoiled, loved and treasured Japanese Chin on Earth)!


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