Precious is a wonderful 8 to 10 year old who originally came to CJCR in November 2010 with 4 of her friends. She was rescued by National Mill Dog Rescue. Precious had a very severe case of bilateral luxating patellas, parasites, dental disease and a host of minor ailments. After a good diet, living in a home for the very first time, being spay and treated for all her problems including orthopedic surgery to correct her patella's. She was adopted in January 2011. Unfortunately in October 2014, Precious was returned to rescue when her adopter did not feel she could financially care for her. Precious was given a complete health check up and had a dental cleaning. Because her dental disease was very advanced her lower jaw broke. Precious being the resilient little soul that she is got through 8 weeks of soft food and a jaw wired holding it together while she healed. Precious has come so far since 2010 and took her first airplane ride on 4/11/15 with the wonderful people of Pilots N Paws. Precious made it to her new forever home in Kansas and is thriving with her new mom, Lee. Lee say's Precious makes her smile every day at her funny and playful antics. Precious has been through so much in the past 5 years and now she can enjoy her senior years with a woman who absolutely adores her.



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