Kieko formerly Winha was rescued from a Missouri puppy mill when she was 6 years old in 2009, by Hearts United for Animals. Kieko lived at the HUA Sanctuary for approximately 5 years without ever getting adopted. On 5/7/14, Kieko and 6 of her chin friends were transferred to CJCR in hopes of a better chance of finding a forever family. Kieko learned all about living inside of a home where she was loved and pampered while in foster care. During her stay it was noticed that Kieko had some vision problems. After a trip to the Ophthalmologist it was discovered that Kieko had a genetic disorder called PRA (Progressive Retinal Atrophy). Sadly it was discovered that Kieko had very limited vision and would be completely blind within the next two years. Fortunately for Kieko this is not a painful process however really needed to find a forever home to make adjustments to a new environment prior to becoming completely blind. In March of 2015 a wonderful woman contacted CJCR wanting to adopt Kieko. Gail and Jim drove all the way from Indiana and adopted Kieko on 4/9/15. Kieko will live out the remainder of her senior years and will be celebrating her 12th birthday in her new home in Indiana. Kieko was blessed to have a couple of angels give her the loving home she deserves. Thank you Gail and Jim for knowing what a blessing it is to adopt a senior.



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