Asia was a 5 year old female who was picked up as a stray and taken to a shelter. Asia was never claimed by her owner and had some medical issues and was transferred to Rescue on 2/26/11 for assistance. Asia obviously had a serious problem with her eyes and was taken to an opthomologist, where is was discovered that she did not make tears naturally in either eye. Asia was placed on a series of eye drops to stimulate tear production and bring down the pressure in her eyes. After getting her eyes back under control it was discovered that she was completely blind in her right eye, since the retina was detached in laying in the bottom of her eye. Of course this was the eye we managed to get her to produce tears at a normal level. Rescue explored all possibilities to give Asia the best outcome of vision, however she was not a candidate for surgical intervention. Asia was a special needs dog who would need consistent eye drops for the rest of her life to maintain her very limitied vision.

On 2/1/12, Yoshi a one year old male was rescued from a high kill shelter in Kansas where he was scheduled to be euthanized. He was tranported to rescue in Colorado, where he learned all about being a house dog. Yoshi still was full of puppy was a happy and healthy little guy.

In June 2012 Tammy & Jay were looking to adopt an adult chin after the loss of their senior girl. Tammy & Jay met many chins, however decided that they would like to adopt both Yoshi and Asia. Asia has become the princess of the house while Yoshi and Otto remain the playful clowns of the home.

Thank you Tammy & Jay for giving our little special needs Asia, such a great home and second chance in life.

#ASIA #YOSHI #2012

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