Chibi was a 10 year old, 8 pound female who was taken to a local shelter when her family could no longer care for her. The family believed her to be incontinent. CJCR took her in rescue on 11/9/10 and immediately recognized that she had a medical issue which was affecting her bladder control. On 11/17/10, Chibi, underwent surgery where 2 large bladder stones weighing 1/2 pound, were removed from her tiny bladder. Within a month Chibi made a full recovery with 100% bladder control. On 2/5/11, Chibi was adopted to a wonderful family, Rocky & Sandy, who at the time had two young female chins. As you can see from the photo the chin family has grown to five, with Chibi being the matriarch of the group. Chibi goes everywhere with Rocky and Sandy and is a wonderful little dog who lives her senior years being pampered and loved.




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