In September 2008, Connie & Rick went to adopt a perfect little female chin, when they met Petey (Center). Petey had lived his entire life in a cage and had a back leg which was so deformed from being caught in the cage, he could no longer use it. They fell in love with his beautiful little personality and adopted Petey. In September 2012, they decided to foster and help with rescue. Their first foster was Charmaine, a very shy 6 year old sable & white female. Needless to say they fell in love with Charmaine and adopted her as well. In October 2012, they got their second foster, Sammy, an 8 to 10 month old black & white male, who was all puppy. Sammy was a very active and energenic puppy who needed to learn some basic manners as well as housetraining. After lots of work and patience Connie & Rick completed their little family of chins by adopting Sammy. Needless to say their is no more room in the home for fosters, but three rescued chins found their wonderful forever home with Connie & Rick


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