Here are some of the dogs who have touched our lives and now live on in our hearts and memories. 

They will never be forgotten.


This page is open to all volunteers, along with friends and family of volunteers. If you have a pet that has left a special place in your heart please email a picture and short bio to cjcrescue@gmail.com


All pets (not just Chins) are welcome.

GIZMO - 2-24-10

Gizmo was a sweet little 8 year old male who came into rescue after some life altering events with his family.  


He would talk to you and would and do a little spin dance when he really got excited.  He loved other dogs and loved to snuggle in the pillows in bed and snore.   


Gizmo's life came to an end while in foster care after complications with surgery.  Gizzee left his little paw prints on our hearts and is missed by his foster family.  


Bill & Tina Jordan

DUDE - 7-11-09

Dude was a wonderful 9 year old male, who was the direct result of a puppy mill.  He was rescued in 2002 and adopted by Dale.  Dude became Dale's constant companion and through love and patience Dale was able to completely turn around Dude's anti-social behavior.  


Unfortunately in 2009, Dale became ill and passed.  After 6 weeks of being back in rescue, Dude succumbed to a long battle with heart disease and a chronic cough.  


Dude touched his foster family to the core and was going to live out his day's in their home.  We were not ready for Dude to leave us, but we know that he is back with Dale and no longer struggling.  

We miss our little "Doodle" everyday.

The Jordan Family

MING LI - 11-20-09

In the cherished, loving memory of Ming Li:


Ming Li was a large dog trapped in a little body.  His spirit was bright and strong, within him was great wisdom, humor and pride.  


I adopted Ming and was blessed enough to be loved by him, cared for by him and protected by him for over three years.  His love was a unique and amazing gift, as he brought me laughter, love, friendship and loyalty at a time when I needed it most.  I cherished every moment, and loved him with all my heart.  


Ming Li passed away due to heart failure, a brief yet very brave fight he gave it.  I always said Ming had the biggest heart of any dog I've known, and he truly did, too big and too full of love for this world.  


Now he is in heaven, sharing that beautiful, big, loving heart with all those who need it...until we meet again, my angel...until then you live in my dreams and in my heart, which too grew when I met you....I love you little man!!  And thank you for all your warm, generous, unfaltering love...I miss you my little lovebug....



BARCLAY - 12-14-12

Barclay arrived in rescue on 12/5/12 with his littermates, Tinkerbell and Bandit, after their owener passed away.  


When Barclay arrived it was immediately noticed that he had a very large mass on his bum area.  He was immediately taken to the vet, where biopsies, x-rays and bloodwork was performed.  Barclay spent the next 8 days in the Kepple foster home where he was loved and cared for with pain management, syringe feedings and fluids.  Unfortunately Barclay continued to deteriorate in spite of the fosters efforts to help him to get healthy.

On 12/14/12, Barclay lost his battle with cancer, but spent the last week of his life in a home where he was loved and cared for.  Barclay will forever remain a beautiful spirit in the foster home of the Kepple family and will never be forgotten by all of us who try so desperately to save them all.


SUMO - 1-22-13

Sumo came into rescue on 2/16/2010 with Buddha and Yoda.  They were rescued after being abandoned in a home with 24 chins.  On  3/27/2010, Sumo and Buddha were adopted together and went to their forever home with the Crayne family.  The boys thrived in their wonderful new home and were able to come and visit all of the people in rescue every year at the annual Chindig.  In 2012, Sumo was diagnosed with a heart murmur.  After diligent efforts to treat Sumo, he lost his battle with heart disease.  This message is from his family on the day he passed:

"We had Sumo at the Vet all afternoon because of excessive coughing for which we had to increase his Lasix in recent weeks.  Xrays showed more fluid in his lungs and the Dr. gave him an IV of lasix, she decided to increase his meds for edema and the heart murmur.  When we got home, Sumo just went out to the garage to his big doggie bed and laid down and passed into eternal sleep.  We are absolutely heartbroken and will miss him terribly.  Buddha hasn't figured out what's going on yet but be sure, we're here for him.

We wanted you to know and are sure that we all can share many good memories.  Thank you for saving him from an awful fate so that we could love him for the rest of his days.

Tearfully, we remain forever in your debt..."

Sharyn and Mike .

Sumo touched the hearts of so many and will never be forgotten.  It is people like Mike & Sharyn who change the lives of these unfortunate souls forever.

Thank you for making the last 3 years of Sumo's life the very best years, for without people like Mike & Sharyn rescue would not be possible.

We miss you big guy...

Pierre - 7-18-13

YODA - 9-27-14

Yoda came to us from a hording situation with two other chins. He had never been loved, walked or cared about. 


He was a wary little guy when he first came home. Skinny and overly possessive of his food, he was slow to make friends with the other dogs. But he won our hearts immediately. Yoda had a perfect heart on his right flank. It reflected the true size of his heart.


With time and lots of love, Yoda began to blossom. He learned to walk on a leash and loved it. He slept on our bed, napped on top of the sofa and did "chin spins" whenever we entered the house. He followed me everywhere I went and seemed to develop a second sense about when I was upset. He knew exactly when I needed a cuddle.


His life became even better when a girl chin named Laia joined the family. The two of them bonded instantly and played together constantly. 


This past Sunday, Yoda went missing. We were all home. The windows were open. We were in and out of the back yard. Yoda was happily sunning himself next to the giant blue spruce on the garden path. His favorite spot.


That was the last time we saw him. By Sunday afternoon we were searching for him everywhere. I called animal managment, Foothills Shelter, put ads in the Shelter site, read Craig's list lost and found. My son searched the streets and paths around the house. I was in pieces and cried until the tears would come no more.


Today we noticed the vultures flying close to the open space near our house. Full of dread, I decided to investigate the area where they were hoving. Unforunately, I found our dear Yoda. The coyotes had gotten him. 


We wrapped him in a towel and buried him in a special spot in the garden close to his favorite tree. I know he would like laying there.


Yoda will be so missed in our home. He was our little angel boy and gave us so much love and loyalty. I can only hope we gave the same to him in equal measure.


We love you Yoyo.

SHEBA - '93-'08

Sheba was my best friend for almost 15 years.  Sheba chose us to take her home from a large litter of mixed breed puppies.  Sheba grew from a handful to 40lbs and taught me to overcome my fear of large dogs.  


Sheba had a wicked sense of humor from an early age.  As a puppy she followed me as I got ready for work stealthily starting runs in my stockings by nipping them away from the back of my legs, never touching me, and it took awhile for me to catch on to this trick.  She liked to tease our little Lhasa-pug mix by nipping at her curly tail until she would whirl around and attack.  Sheba would graciously bend down to let our little dog latch onto her neck fur and seemed amused by this fierce one-sided battle.  


Our cats walked all over Sheba and would rub against her face.  One cat was more timid and Sheba seemed to enjoy walking up behind her and startling her with a few quick steps that made the little cat jump.   


Sheba never barked much and listened when I spoke to her as if she was really thinking about what I said. I could ask her to bring certain toys by name and she would.  We always had to secure our deadbolts after watching her open doors wiggling the knob between her paws.  


Sheba had a strong prey drive and surprised me when she pounced cat-like on rabbits, snakes and even a baby skunk on our walks.  Just like her toys I would warn her ‘no rabbit’, ‘no snake’, ‘no skunk’ if I'd see it first and I swear she not only understood but rolled her eyes at me for not letting her hunt.  


Sheba loved playing in the snow and lying out in the sun as she got older.  


I dream about her chasing rabbits in a better place where no one tells her 'no'.  I miss her every day and hope to be with her again.  -Cheryl

EMMY - 12-6-12

For those of you who knew her, Emmy was a big part of our lives and household.  Emmy came to rescue on 6/27/10.  I received her from Larimer County Humane Society, where she was picked up as a stray.  She had no name and was approximately 10 years old.  


When Emmy came to us she was very sick.  She had a severely enlarged heart (twice the size it should have been), hips that were barely in their sockets, bad patellas and Cushings Disease.  On top of all that, she had kennel cough.  


Honestly, Bill & I did not know if she was going to make it through the first couple of days.  But slowly,  I was able to get her to eat, take antibiotics and heart meds. She began to thrive.  


Emmy was a cantakerous little old lady who I suspect had not always been treated well in the past.  She would paw you for affection and then try to bite you.  


Emmy would play like a puppy and was in love with Bonsai.  She would pin him to the ground and lick him until his head was soaked.  


Emmy never got sick again after her initial recovery from kennel cough.  Sadly, all 10 of her remaining teeth were in horrible condition, so about a year later we took a chance and had a dental done. She recovered beautifully but only had 4 teeth left.  


On 11/28/12, I was getting up for work at 2:00 a.m. and Emmy was waiting for me at the top of the stairs to carry her down.  I don't honestly know how it happened, but she started tumbling down the stairs.  


We don't know if she lost consciousness before the fall or what happened, but I ran to the bottom of the stairs where she was laying, eyes fixed and dialated and unresponsive.  I picked her up, sobbing, and tried to get her to respond.  Finally, she started to respond. It took her about 15 minutes before she was steady on her feet.  


She never made a single sound during the entire incident.  She showed no physical signs of trauma.  I brought her bed downstairs and went upstairs to brush my teeth.  I turned around and there she was coming right back upstairs to go to bed.  


The next day she began to display some behavior which was concerning, she was hiding underneath tables, beds etc.  She was isolating herself from us and the dogs.  


I took her to the vet on Friday when we discovered that she had an ulcer on her right eye.  I started a regiment of drops every two hours, not without a few bites! She may have only had 4 teeth, but she really hated eye drops.  


She seemed to be making a slow recovery, until Wednesday. She started having difficulty swallowing and was hiding more.  Her breathing was extremely labored.  


On Thursday, I watched her closely all morning and determined she was exhibiting all of the signs of heart failure.  I took her in at 3:00 and Dr. Landin agreed that she was deteriorating rapidly.  


I had always prayed that when it was Emmy's time, she would go quietly in her sleep.  Of course Emmy had other ideas. She was determined to soldier through everything.  


I wrestled with the decision to have her put to sleep. Finally, Emmy let us know she was ready. Her parting gift to me was to go so peacefully.  


Emmy gave Bill & I so much joy and love. I cannot begin to describe the big empty hole that is left.   


I hope each and every one of you is able to experience love from a dog like Emmy.  She will remain in our hearts forever, just like Dude and Big Boo.  


There is nothing more wonderful than being loved by a senior dog who needs that second chance.  Thank you all so much for everything you do to assist in making that second chance possible for so man

SILKY - 2-17-10

Silky was taken into rescue from a local shelter.  She was able to spend the last 5 day's of her life with a foster family who loved and cared for her.  


Sometimes we have to open ourselves to a loss if it means giving an angel like Silky a wonderful place to spend her final days.  


Silky was a sweet, quiet little girl who just loved laying in her little doggie bed or chasing one of her foster siblings around the backyard.  We were privileged to have had this little girl bless our lives.  


Bill & Tina Jordan

TINA - 6-25-10

Tina was a very sweet little four year old who was the victim of being bred repeatedly.  Tina got to spend her last days living in the home of a loving family who doted on her and her companion, Bubbles. 


Unfortunately, Tina's life was cut way too short as a direct result of over-breeding combined with a lack of medical care.  Tina's foster family were devastated by her passing, but knew they had given her quality of life and love for her final time on earth.


The Spears-Wagner Family

BIG BOO - 10-16-11

Big Boo went to heaven to join his brothers Ming Li and Rocco.   Boo had the finest outlook on life…optimistic, loving and cheerful!  


He ran on the beach and dug up seashells, he loved watching and listening to the tide.  Countless hours spent doing the “old man stroll” at his beloved Auntie’s house with all his friends.  


His eyes were always smiling, full of wonder and excitement.  He touched the heart and soul of many people through whom he continues to inspire.  


He found his new best friend, his “Pap”!  They were best buddies ever!  


He loved to take road trips, play in the snow, go for walks and lay in his “cool bed”.  He got more snacks and treats than any dog could ever imagine. He loved frozen yogurt, corn chips (crunch, crunch, crunch…) and Cheerios!  


He took all life offered in stride and lived on the bright side, started each day with a smile of enchantment for what that day would bring…pure bliss!  He inspired the phrase “What would Boo do?” reminding us mere humans that a dog’s outlook and attitude is nothing short of phenomenal.  He was the most beautiful soul… sweet, wise, handsome and strong.  I always said he was my “little soldier”…he overcame so much with his zest for life.  


I miss you Boo…your shining, happy eyes, the “ding-ding” wag of your tail, the wonderfully charming Big Boo smile and the peaceful, carefree way you chose to live.  


You inspire me Big Boo, I cherish every moment I had with you…until we meet again you remain in my heart…always…


xoxo- Mama & Lou


Big Boo was the very definition of rescue.  A senior dog who was discarded in a shelter.  Anyone who ever had the priviledge of knowing this beautiful spirit knew immediately how truly special he was.  There isn't a day that goes by that we do not have some little reminder of his wonderful spirit in our home.  Big Boo spent lots of time in our home and was an inspiration to us.  He battled many physical challenges; ie; heart disease and diabetes, however never let any of those things interfere with his enjoyment of the wonderment of the world.  He had the most amazing way of making every minute of life count and taking in all the world had to offer.  He had so many friends both two and four legged.  All who came into his life were drawn to his incredible spirit.  Words cannot even begin to describe the loss of the most beautiful spirit we were blessed to know.

We love you and miss you everyday and will continue to take in the senior and ill homeless chins as an honor to your legacy.

We miss you angel.

Auntie & Uncle                                       

LUCY - 1-22-13

Lucy was surrendered to a shelter at the age of 9 years old, or so they thought, on 12/8/10.  She had a lump on her side, was overweight, needed a dental as well as pretty bad bilateral luxating patellas.  The shelter did not feel that she was a candidate for adoption.  However she had the best disposition and seemed to love everyone both  2 and 4 legged.  On 12/15/10, CJCR decided that this old girl with the sunny disposition deserved a second chance.  Lucy came into rescue, and underwent her makeover for her new life.  She went on a diet and lost a pound, had surgery removing the cyst from her side, repaired an umbilical hernia and underwent a dental.  On May 25, 2011, Lucy was adopted to an amazing woman, Paulette, who out of all of the chihuahua's waiting for homes, picked Lucy.  Lucy was Paulette's companion  for the next 19 months and the center of her world.  Paulette stated to us that it was the best 19 months of her life.  Paulette has had many 4 legged companions and none of them touched her like little Lucy.  

Lucy, may you be forever curled up underneath the covers as you rest in eternal sleep.

We love you Luc!!!

Teddy Kepple - 2-21-13

As I said in my earlier email Teddy's surgery went well.  However after we brought him home Tuesday afternoon he started running a high normal temperature.  By Wednesday afternoon his temperature spiked to 105.5 and his breathing became labored.  Susan and I rushed him to Dr. Luttgen's office where she and her staff worked in getting his temperature down to 101.8 with the aid of cold packs for his temperature and oxygen for his breathing, he was stable.  We admitted him to a Critical Care Hospital for observations Wednesday evening.  Teddy was fairly stable through the night.  Thursday morning his condition began to worsen even while being in an oxygen tent.  In late afternoon he showed slight signs of improvement.  Susan and I received a call from Dr. Jensen around 9:30 PM and his condition had worsened again to where she thought he was going into respiratory arrest.  We arrived at the hospital and his breathing was extremely labored.  He knew we there and looked at Susan, Adam and me as if to say to us "it's ok...I waited for you and now it is time to cross the Rainbow Bridge" and time for him to go to his Forever-ever home and be with God his Forever-ever master. He looked at us with those big brown eyes of his and Susan, Adam and I knew he was saying his good bye's to us as we were saying our good bye's to him and that one day we will all be joined again on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge.


Teddy crossed the Rainbow Bridge at 11:30 PM Thursday night while Susan held him in her arms and Adam and me by his side.


Teddy was on loan to our family and we will be forever be grateful he was part of our family and will forever live in our hearts. Teddy was special to all of us and those who knew him.  He brought happiness into our lives. He taught us all how to laugh a little more, to love a little more and to be thankful a lot more.  Those of you who knew him know how happy he was by his big broad smile.


Mike, our son-n-law said to Amanda:  Teddy got adopted by God, your parents were a foster family on his way to his permanent family.


We will miss our Teddy-B-Bear deeply...


Again,we want to thank all of you in our rescue family for your prayers and your donations toward Teddy's surgery and recovery.  Without you he would not have had the chance he did.


Eddie, Susan & Adam