Thelma & Louise

Bonded pair

*Approximately 6 year old 

*Spay Females

*Red & Sable Poms

Hi, we are Thelma (sable) and Louise (red) and are a very bonded pair of poms.  We were picked up as strays and taken to a Colorado Shelter.  Thelma had a large mass on her back which was removed and biopsied and Louise had a breathing problem during her spay when one of her lungs collapsed.  Since we had some medical issues and absolutely have to be adopted together the shelter felt like rescue was a better option for us.  We are very sweet and social little ones who are house trained, great on a leash and very affectionate lap dogs.  It is obvious we had a great home at some time because we are very adaptable and well socialized.  We are also house trained.  We are looking for a home with someone who is very familiar with our breed and is willing to keep us together forever.  We go for our health check up on 6/27/20 and will have some follow up blood work for Louise.  We are delightful little ones who will bring many years of joy to the right family.

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