*12 week old (1/4/21) 


*Red Shiba Inu

My name is Tommy and I am a 12 week old Shiba Inu puppy who came into rescue on 3/9/21.  At some point  in my very young life my leg was broken.  We are not sure how long my leg was broken, but it had been at least a month before arriving in rescue.  I have had my health check up and my first series of puppy shots.  After having x-rays done and consulting with the orthopedic surgeon it was discovered that although my fracture is healed, my patella is completely out of the joint.  I am scheduled to have patella surgery on 4/15/21.  I will also be neutered at that time.  I am a smart little guy and am doing fantastic on house training and am learning commands.  Because I am a puppy my foster mom is going to have to be very diligent on keeping me calm and quiet during my recovery and rehabilitation from my surgery.  I am very active and will be available to go to a forever home once my leg has healed from surgery and my restrictions are limited.  I am looking for an adopter who understands the needs of my breed as well as the needs of a puppy.

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