Bella - Adoption Pending

*1 Year Old 

*Spay Female

*Tri Color Japanese Chin mix 

My Bella and I am a 1 year old tri color Japanese chin mix.  I arrived at CJCR on 6/15/20 with my friend Bambi.  There were 6 of us who were left in the night drop kennel at a local animal shelter.  Although our history is unknown we appear to be healthy and well cared for.  We were very scared in the shelter and really needed a rescue to help us.  We will soon be joined by our brother who is recovering from an upper respiratory infection in quarantine.  I am a very sweet by shy little girl who weighs 11 pounds.  I am doing well in my foster home and would really love to have another dog who likes to play but is not too rough.  I had my health check up on 6/24/20 and am a pretty healthy gal with the exception of a pretty bad infestation of parasites.  My foster mom has been treating me for these nasty little critters and I am doing so much better.  I am a very loving and affectionate lap dog once I get to know you and I am very smart.  I love other dogs and would love to have a canine companion in my forever home.  We are working on getting my spay surgery done and after I recover I will be ready to go to my forever home.  I am house trained and also walk well on a leash.  I also can leap like a gazelle so a 6 foot fence would be required.  I also can be a little bit of a barker when there is a lot of activity around so I probably would not do well in an apartment setting.

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