Nikka - Medical Hold

3 month old (DOB 4/1/20)


Black & White Japanese Chin

Hi my name is Nikka and I am a 3 month old female Japanese Chin.  My mother Blossom and my father Cozmo were rescued back in February from a puppy mill in Wisconsin.  The rescuer did not know that my mom was pregnant and gave birth to 5 puppies.  One of the puppies was born with a cleft pallet and did not survive and I was born with Grade 5 bilateral luxating patellas.  I was transferred to CJCR on 6/24/20, where they felt like I would get the best possible care.  I had my health check up on 7/1/20 and am currently being treated for an upper respiratory infection.  We are also waiting to hear back from the Orthopedic Surgeon to let us know how old I need to be before they can fix my back legs.  I am actually a little spitfire and weigh approximately 2.5 pounds.  I will not be available for adoption until my medical needs can be addressed.  Also my father, Cozmo is completely blind in one eye with a detached retina and has PRA (Progressive Retinal Atrophy) in the other eye with very limited vision and will be completely blind in the near future.  PRA  is a genetic disorder which means I am also predisposed to this condition.  I may or may not carry the gene but if I do I could lose my vision at a young age. 

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