Cozmo - I have an adopter

* 4 1/2 Year old (11/1/15)

Black & White Male

Japanese Chin

My name is Cozmo and I am a very sweet boy who has had a very tough beginning in life.  I was rescued from a Wisconsin puppy mill along with several other dogs.  When they realized that I most likely had some significant vision issues they felt like CJCR would give me the best care and chance at a good life.  I came to CJCR on 6/24/20 with Blossom and my baby daughter, Nikka.  I was seen by the ophthalmologist on 6/30/20 at which time I was diagnosed with PRA (Progressive Retinal Atrophy in my right eye with very limited functional vision and a complete retinal disensertion in  my left eye which is completely blind.  I will lose my limited vison in the near future and will be completely blind.  Fortunately this is not a painful process and I actually get around pretty well.  I am learning all about house training and living in a home.  I get along well with other dogs and am a very sweet boy.  I still need to have my overall health check up and get neutered.  I will be available to the right home once all of my medical needs are addressed.

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