Sienna - Hospice

* 13 Year old 

*Sable & White Female

*Japanese Chin

My name is Sienna and I am a 13 year old spay female Japanese Chin.  I was surrendered to a local shelter on 1/23/21, when my family for the past 10 years were moving and couldn't take me with them.  The information that was provided to the shelter was that I originally came from a puppy mill and was adopted from a rescue when I was 3 years old.  My owners claimed I have PTSD whatever that means.  I was so terrified in the shelter that I would not let anyone near me or touch me.  The shelter contacted CJCR on 1/24/21 and they immediately came and got me.  I was in pretty rough shape when I arrived in rescue.  I was severely matted and had so much feces stuck to my bottom I could not properly eliminate my bowel.  My nails were overgrown and in a circle into my paw pads.  Although I was very angry my foster parents found a way to safely clean me up and trim my nails.  I had my health check up on 1/29/21 and do have a heart murmur as well  as some old lady issues.  My bloodwork came back great and I was able to have a dental.  Unfortunately I lost all 24 of my remaining teeth.  I am doing very well in my foster home, however have such severe PTSD it was decided that I should never have to transition again.

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