Mitzi - Adoption Pending

*4+ Year Old (DOB 10/1/15) 


*Black & White Japanese Chin 

My name is Mitzi and I am a very sweet little girl who came to CJCR on 3/12/20.  I came from an Amish puppy mill and am blind.  After two visits with the Ophthalmologist we still are not sure if I have any vision, since there is so much scar tissue on my cornea's from untreated dry eye, they were unable to see into the back of the eye for retina detatchment.  If I do have any vision it is minimal and probably only shadows.  That does not stop me one bit.  I am very confident and once I adjust to new surroundings I am pretty amazing.  I also am a very sweet and affectionate little gal.  I had my health check up on 3/20/20 and my blood work and chest x-rays were excellent.  Of course I came into heat within a couple of days of arriving in rescue and now I am unable to be spay for an undetermined amount of time since the surgery is considered elective.  So if you are interested in a very sweet and snuggly blind dog you will have to be willing to be a foster parent until I can be spay.  I have no other healthy issues and am doing much better on house training but still need some work.  I am really good about letting you know I have to go by spinning in circles really fast.  I get along fine with other dog's as long as they are not invasive.  Because I cannot see I am unable to determine if the contact by the other dog is aggressive and can be defensive.  I will not be available for an official adoption until I have been spay.

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