*10 Year Old  

*Neutered Male

*Brown & White Shih Tzu/Peke mix 

My name is Beau and I am an approximately 10 year old neutered male Shih Tzu/ Peke mix.  I was surrendered to a local shelter on 12/28/20 after my owner passed away.  On 1/11/21, the shelter performed surgery on me since my dental disease was so severe and my jaw was fractured.  On 2/7/21, I had to have a second surgery to stabilize my jaw since the tubing fell out on 2/6/21.  I was so very fortunate that the veterinarian who did my surgery wanted to foster me in order to monitor my healing.  On 3/30/21 my final surgery was performed to remove the tubing securing my jaw.  I was monitored for several days to make sure I was comfortable and able to eat without pain or difficulty.  On 4/9/21, I was finally able to go to rescue.  I am doing very well in foster care and will be getting a complete health check up to make sure all of my needs are taken care of.  The shelter did note that I have some arthritis as well as a Grade II heart murmur.  More information coming soon since I am so new to rescue.


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